Society Of Beggars Shared Their Latest Single

Society Of Beggars

Society Of Beggars returns with another tremendous single named Dance The Evil. This Melbourne, Australia quartet delivers another dosage of post-grunge orchestrations, decorated with smaller chunks of alternative rock, goth rock, and hard rock. Besides heavy riffs, the group offers anthemic, singalongish choruses that will indulge the listening apparatus of every admirer of contemporary grunge sound. Dance Of Evil continuously levitates between melodies and aggression, between polished and abrasive sound, and the group handles both sides of the spectrum like pros. This particular composition also floats between old-school and contemporary trends in music, so the Society Of Beggars paid attention to satisfy even the pickiest fans of this unique sound.

Besides the sheer dominance of grunge, you’ll notice the darkened ambiance that you can usually encounter within the goth rock scene. It goes perfectly with the aesthetics of the song, also presented through an eye-peeling music video. Society Of Beggars are veterans of the Australian scene, and they’re fully aware of their abilities. Their latest tune showcases all the brilliance of the group, which ages like a fine wine. Dance The Evil is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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