Bones In Butter Are Premiering Their Latest Single So Alone

Belgrade, Serbia post-punk group Bones In Butter are premiering their latest single named So Alone. After the series of brilliant tunes such as Littlewing, Her Cave, and They Live, the group treated us with another outstanding composition that goes far beyond the aesthetics of post-punk music. So Alone evokes the seventies and eighties era with dominant space rock, synth rock, psychedelic rock approach to post-punk sound. You may also hear some elements of world music, especially in notable Arabic themes that saturate the psychedelic notes at particular moments during the track. The group also included dreamy arpeggiated chord progressions, clarinet, and sax solos along the way, so besides generous servings of psychedelic melodies, you’ll have the chance to enjoy even more sonic virtuosities.

Bones In Butter

Bones In Butter once again proves there are no boundaries when it comes to creating profoundly detailed music. The group expands its sound with each new single and demonstrates how post-punk could improve to suit these modern times. So Alone still contains some traditional post-punk articulations, but it would be foolish not to mention other elements that are responsible for their improved sound. Bones In Butter is one of those groups you definitely need to check out, and So Alone is more than an appropriate introduction in their music. The single is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

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