Stephen James Orr Shares His Latest Single Ceramic

Photo By Ashley Senja

Stephen James Orr recently shared his latest piece of artistry, a single named Ceramic. Ceramic is a soothing, dreamy, jazzy composition where Stephen James Orr showcases his full potential. Like his previous works, Orr wrote the music and performed all the instruments, then approached different vocalists to collaborate on his tracks. This particular composition features Danny Zaidman. Ceramic is his fourth single from an upcoming full-length recording set for release later this year. Considering this composition and the singles Orr shared with the broader auditorium, his upcoming album is worth all the wait. It will be such a treat to the listeners who love calmy, jazzy, dream pop music.

Stephen James Orr
Photo By Arthur Lee

Besides dreamy, jazzy, calmy soundscapes, Ceramic offers even more as you delve deeper into the song structure. You may notice how lo-fi pop, soul-rock, soul, alt-pop tock, and classic pop influenced this creative artist to build another brilliant composition. The reverby, echoic, dreamy aesthetics are working out like a charm, and you’ll be blown away by the vibe this number carries from scratch to finish. The soul side of the Ceramic gives a bit more flavor, especially when it comes to the lead vocals. These chants are decorating the brilliant ideas and exquisite musicianship of Stephen James Orr, who unquestionably delivered another marvelous piece of work. Ceramic is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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