Deep Sea Fish: ANIQO Shares A Video For The Latest Single

Photo By Matthias Pfeiffer

Berlin-based dark pop artist ANIQO released her second single via SPRINGSTOFF Records. Deep Sea Fish showcases further explorations into a soothing, melancholic, cinematic dark pop ambiance, decorated with a more artistic approach that genres like art-rock and art-pop offer. ANIQO goes even deeper into the pure essence of the beforementioned genres, shakes the foundations, and moves the boundaries with her crystal clear voice that acts as a storyteller during the entire composition. The arpeggiated chord progressions and robust piano notes are following her storytelling, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised how even a small portion of musical instruments can create a very complex atmosphere that will keep your attention from scratch to finish.

Photo By Matthias Pfeiffer

Deep Sea Fish receives well-deserved rhythmic support, and then this outstanding dark pop composition goes through an even more theatric, artistic, emotive phase. The number transforms from calmy, melancholic, cinematic dark pop to a colossal slab build upon the same melodies, harmonies, and accentuations, but this time with a powerful approach to sound. It’s one of those dark pop compositions you don’t want to miss, and ANIQO shines bright on the spotlight with her tremendous chants. Deep Sea Fish is available for listening on streaming platforms, such as Spotify and YouTube.

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