Teen Mortgage Premieres A New Single

Washington, DC garage-punk duo Teen Mortgage unleashed a brand new single named Smoked. This particular composition deals with the escapism that skateboarding offers. Skateboarding provides an escape from the angst and mundane society in times when humanity heals itself from the global pandemic. Smoked means to fall and slam hard while trying to land the trick. The group felt like they slammed pretty hard during the pandemic, so all they ever wanted is an escape. Teen Mortgage nailed with this composition, mainly because it shows how we can all be vulnerable during troubling times, but in the end, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Teen Mortgage - Smoked

Besides garage punk, Teen Mortgage explores punk rock, stoner rock, grunge, and nineties alternative rock sound. The song carries a decent amount of dirtiness and aggression that defines the sound of the duo. However, the anthemic chorus liberates a dosage of melodies, so Teen Mortgage balances between aggression and calmness with such ease. You may stumble upon some elements of DC post-hardcore, Seattle grunge, and mid-eighties LA punk rock along the way, so it seems a ton of complimentary genres inspired Teen Mortgage to compose a perfect skateboarding soundtrack. Smoked is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Bandcamp.

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