Punk As A Doornail - Dead As A Sad Snail

Punk As A Doornail Premieres A Brand New Album

Punk As A Doornail is a punk rock duo from California. They utilize a skateboard guitar to create an apocalyptic noise that’s reminiscent of New York’s No Wave scene, but with riffs that shred like Black Flag and Agent Orange. Keith Irish coined his homemade skateboard guitar, “The Skatar”. It has a bass string that goes to a bass amp and two guitar strings that run through a 1989 Marshall half stack. He plays it with a Hennessy bottle like a slide guitar. 

Johnny Rage joined the group early on when the band was still a noise band and he played a 2×4 called “The Sh*tstick”. He returned to the project in 2018 with his talents on drums and on the mic. He is also the founding member of his punk band, DMF, which has been coined the 2 Live Crew of punk. His on-the-spot raunchy lyrics and pounding drums has redefined the Punk As A Doornail project as a hard hitting punk band. Johnny learned to aim his sticks for the bottom head of the snare in order to be the hardest hitting drummer that ever played. In Punk As A Doornail, he incorporates jazz beats, marching band drum rolls, and his love for the Melvins into the mix. 

The band has been in existence since 1999. It started off as a bloody battle of conceptual art of homemade instruments made from found objects. It has gone through many other stages, but is now a more polished skate punk band consisting of a skateboard guitar, a drum kit, and two unusual suspects. If you like goofy/quirky punk rock and bands that don’t sound like anything else; well then, you’ll dig Punk As A Doornail! Keith and John are enthusiasts of the early California punk scene, when every band sounded different from each other.  The early punk bands in this scene created their own personality that could be heard directly through the tone of their music.

Punk As A Doornail recently released its third full album, “Dead As A Sad Snail”, in 2021. This follows the two earlier releases of “Flogging the Punk Horse” (Zodiac Killer Records, 2009) and “$uck 4 ¢ash” (Self-Release, 2010). They released “Dead As A Sad Snail” on blue vinyl and as a digital download. They are currently playing shows in Southern California to promote the album and are planning on a small tour in the future!






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