Kiefer Shared A Video For I Remember This Picture


His forthcoming album When There’s Love Aroundout August 27th on Stones Throw Records. The video is directed by Jocelyn Woods.

The video channels the nostalgia of looking through old childhood pictures. Director Jocelyn Woods used an editing technique called step printing to create a dreamlike atmosphere that feels both fast and slow at the same time, to resemble the cloudy quality of memories.

Kiefer says: “i remember this picture’ is about the recording of my life: through memory, taking pictures, and making music. It’s a song about nostalgia, but it’s not warm and sappy like other songs about nostalgia. It’s about the weirdness of memory. Memories are strange and they don’t always capture the true events of what happened. Relatedly, this music video does not capture how I broke my manager’s ribs during the basketball part of the shoot.

When There’s Love Around is Kiefer’s second album to be released on Stones Throw Records and deals with themes of grief, friendship, love and human connection in his trademark warm, approachable style. When There’s Love Around follows the recent Between Days EP and sees Kiefer team up with musicians and producers including DJ Harrison, Andy McCauley, Josh Johnson, Will Logan, Sam Wilkes and other compatriots for a full live band sound. Several songs were recorded in one or two takes, with any mistakes left in, true to Kiefer’s preference for music that feels spontaneous and from the heart.

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