Multumult - Now And Then CD - lollipoppeshoppe

Multumult – Now And Then CD (lollipoppeshoppe)

Multumult - Now And Then CD - lollipoppeshoppe

It’s been a while since I introduced some ethno/world music on these pages, so this recording came just in time to serve the occasion. However, this is not a regular ethno or world music album. This one comes with a twist, a carefully assembled mixture of several other genres to be more precise. One thing is for certain, this full-length comes as a treat for all those who’re profoundly into ethno, world, experimental, and avant-garde music. Now And Then (New Sounds From An Old World) is a third full-length recording by Multumult, a Romanian ethno group formed in 2015. Since its inception, the group has played across the European continent, mainly in countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, and Turkey.

Now And Then (New Sounds From An Old World) carries nine profoundly detailed compositions that will be right up the alley to every ethno or world music fan. What begins as a nearly minimalistic approach to these genres suddenly becomes a colossal slab of complex orchestrations. Nevertheless, Multumult keeps their orchestrations in atmospheric waters almost throughout the entire recording. This calmy, soothing, echoic ambiance is one of the principal ingredients of this interesting band. The way pleasant ambiance intervenes with ethno/world music but also delves deep into subtly experimental waters goes beyond comprehension in so many cases. The other element that defines the sound of Multumult would be unquestionably the organic/natural approach to the music. Multumult keeps their compositions analog as much as possible, but still, you can hear some interruptions and accentuations performed with synthesizers or processed with glitch effect. Still, the group keeps these involvements of generic sound as minimal as possible.

A couple of compositions also reveals an overwhelming interest in drone music. Just as is the case with ambient, Multumult handles drone music with so much sense for balance, assemblage, and articulation. Perhaps Multimult explores some ideas strongly connected to electronic music, but in the end, the overall sound provides more of a natural vibe. Besides involved instruments, you may notice some maneuvers provided by both male and female vocalists. These vocalists experiment through low, middle, and high pitched chants, which are offering another layer of experimentations, virtuosities, and ambiance. Each of these vocal experimentations is evolving through the songs, so every time you stumble upon these chants, you’re experiencing an entirely different vibe. The electronic music aesthetic intensifies as the album proceeds, and it seems like it takes sheer dominance over the analog sound. The album gradually becomes more generic, but at the same time complements the analog instruments, so the group thought about the whole listening experience from scratch to finish. The album also becomes more experimental and avant-garde. There are more rhythms and instruments involved in the entire process. Multumult builds even complex sonic imagery but remains true to the atmosphere that binds all these compositions together. Now And Then (New Sounds From An Old World) is available on a compact disc. Head over to Lolloppeshoppe for more information about ordering.



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