Luxe Promotes His Latest Single LA Girls


Toronto, CA pop-punk artist Luxe promotes his latest single, LA Girls. This particular composition showcases all the qualities of the contemporary pop-punk/punk rock scene. However, it also throws back to the late nineties with some recognizable maneuvers, which are characteristic of that era. Like in his previous numbers, this composition follows the tradition of all the instruments performed by Luxe. His music is heavily inspired by renowned bands, such as Blink 182, Sum 41, Maine, All Time Low, New Found Glory, and Motion City Soundtrack. You can expect some similarities with these bands, but as is usually the case, Luxe spices things up a little bit and leaves his personal touch in this tune.

Luxe - LA Girls

LA Girls contains everything you need from a pop-punk song. From palm-muted verses over profoundly melancholic chorus to flawlessly assembled low-end tones and stable rhythm section, this number has every quality you’ll ever need from a modern pop-punk tune. Luxe introduces some rapping besides melodic chants, which are gives another dimension to this number. LA Girls is available on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, and Bandcamp.

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