Roadkeeper Are Streaming Their Latest Single


Roadkeeper are returning with Take The L, another brilliant single released on June 25th. This particular composition offers socio-politically commentary about the immigrant/refugee crisis at the US/Mexican border and points out how this issue constantly floats in the air without any concrete solution. Roadkeeper blames the Trump administration for causing such a problem but simultaneously criticizes Biden’s administration for not paying attention to this topic. The band states how two major political parties are moving this issue back and forth without offering any solution to a problem that floats around in the air for years. It also serves as a reminder to those who forgot about this immigrant/refugee crisis.

Roadkeeper - Take The L

The band carries the powerful political message through carefully assembled shoegaze/dream pop melodies and harmonies, drenched into a decent amount of reverb and echo effect. It’s an ambiance in which a band like Roadkeeper feels most comfortable. The moderate drumming sequences offer enough dynamics, which are going hand in hand with atmospherics delivered by guitars. The soothing chants are coming like a whisper in the ears that are conveying the message in a calmy way, without unnecessary aggression and tension. Roadkeeper are doing what they’re doing the best, and you’ll love their cinematic, ambient approach to shoegaze and dream pop sound. Take The L is available at Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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