Tuckered Out – Heirloom

Tuckered Out - Heirloom

Today, I have a chance to introduce such an interesting conceptual Canadian punk rock band with a unique background story. Tuckered Out started as a conceptual punk rock band after a group of friends made a trip to the US and ran out of cash during the vacation. Then they decided to form a band and tour to get back home to Canada. Since their formation, Tuckered Out released three recordings. All these recordings share a chunk of a story of how they’re managing their lives while struggling to get back home. However, a lot of things have changed since their inception. Holiday talks about their trip to the US and a series of unfortunate events that led to the formation of the band. Weekend In Fishton explains how Tuckered Out disbanded after the beef between band members, but they eventually decided to continue so they could get back to Canada. Their latest recording, Heirloom, talks about how the pack of friends never got back to normal, so Tuck decided to move to California and continue with the band.

Heirloom contains eight powerful punk rock compositions that are serving as a perfect soundtrack for these stories about their adventures. Besides the dominant presence of melodic punk rock, you may notice how Tuckered Out incorporates bigger chunks of pop-punk and power pop. This style fits nicely with the thematical aesthetics of the group, and I couldn’t imagine any other appropriate genre to convey these stories. Previous recordings had that vividly hearable grunge revival sound, with subtle additions of fuzz distortion. Both Holiday and Weekend In Fishton also included generous servings of power pop aesthetics. Heirloom still contains these power-pop aesthetics, but it goes more into melodic punk rock sound. To be more precise, their most advanced album continuously levitates somewhere between nineties pop-punk and contemporary melodic punk rock, but it leaves enough space for power-pop ambiance to breathe. Each composition offers the right amounts of melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, riffs, various sonic delicacies, while the stable rhythm section keeps everything in line. The lead vocals perfectly match these orchestrations. Still, these soothing chants offer an additional layer of harmonies over the top. Therefore, their music sounds even more melodic and ear-appealing.

Heirloom offers so many entertaining moments both lyrically and sonically, so you’ll pretty much enjoy the entire package if you’re into conceptual bands and their music. Heirloom represents a step further in the career of Tuckered Out, comparing to their previous recordings. I suggest you check out all their recordings so you could paint a brighter picture of their concept. Heirloom is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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