London Duo Leontas Release Against The Wall From Forthcoming EP

Following up on their recent release ‘Little Boy’, the lion boys Leontas from London, UK are back with a huge second new tune for 2021 – Against The Wall.

This time around, the rock duo found inspiration in the human’s eternal need for freedom and exploration. The song, which is the lead single from their upcoming EP, explores the thirst for adventure, travel and self-discovery, which often can be a very alien concept especially when leading a modern, urban lifestyle.

“Anything from politics, to social status and life choices can hold us back however we are firm believers that it’s never too late to give space to what your heart desires.” – say Alex and Scott.


Apart from the huge sound already associated with the band, this time around they explore visual aspects to their creation. The three colours depicted on the cover of ‘Against The Wall’ symbolise the desert, the journey and the utopian sunset that we all dream of, and the cinematic freedom and energy is encapsulated within the new music video.

Leontas are a rock duo formed in London 2015 consisting of singer and guitarist Alex Munteanu and drummer Scott Collier after meeting at an audition for a separate band in Camden.

With a wealth of live shows under their belt, thousands of international streams, a drive to succeed, and a live sound to be reckoned with, Leontas look forward to taking their new single to the live stage, once the music business re-opens it’s doors.

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