Plizzken Promotes Debut Album With A Video For Third Single

With their debut album available now for purchase from Pirates Press Records, Germany’s PLIZZKEN has released its third single and accompanying lyric video for “In The Gutter.”

Frontman Sebi Walkenhorst channels the experiences some of his friends have suffered through dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues.

“The streets and a simple working class life sometimes clash. Dealing with a hard job and trying to escape from all obligations is one of the big problems in this society. Some people end up on booze or they take drugs to turn off their heads. A lot of friends of ours haven’t had the opportunity or the strength to break up with their demons and they got lost on the track. The streets are a tough place and sometimes I´m torn back and forth if I love or hate them,” says Walkenhorst.

Plizzken - ...And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes

In addition to the release of “In The Gutter,” the band also announced they will be playing a livestreamed event on June 23rd from the SO36 in Berlin.

Fans may recognize Sebi’s trademark vocals already, although they are more likely to be familiar with him singing in German, as he does in his established band, Stomper 98. The Plizzken record is his first to be written and sung entirely in English.

The band’s debut album, …And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes, is available now on Pirates Press Records – home to incredible artists such as Cock Sparrer, The Old Firm Casuals, NOi!SE, The Aggrolites, The Slackers, and many others.

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