The Bloodstrings – A Part 10″ EP (SBÄM Records)

Bloodstrings - A Part 10" EP - SBÄM Records

The Bloodstrings are back with another marvelous recording, simplistically named A Part. For those who’re not familiar with this German group, The Bloodstrings are heavily inspired by punkabilly and psychobilly sound, but unlike their previous recordings, A Part involves some other subgenres of punk rock as well. Previously, the group released a couple of full-lengths, such as Hit You Hard CD EP, Coal Black Heart on Undead Artists Records, and Born Sick on Wolverine Records. Just as their slight shift in sound, a brand new material showcases some variations in songwriting. A Part deals with personal depression, anxieties, and toxic relationships. Still, the group involves socio-politic themes by criticizing the inhumane treatment of the refugees and the division of the state out of concern of political transition and the agitation of right-wing parties. As the band stated, these themes are uncommonly explored within the psychobilly/punkabilly scenes, but they should be more often.

A Part carries four profoundly energetic punk rock compositions, decorated by brilliant ideas, catchy arrangements, and tremendous musicianship. The Bloodstrings heavily promoted this material with singles such as Hookline, Gaslight, and Tik Tik Tik. Perhaps the band still explores punkabilly/psychobilly waters, but these compositions are showcasing the involvement of other subgenres. You may hear a dominant presence of melodic punk rock and pop-punk, roaming around these numbers from scratch to finish. These involvements are appearing as significant enhancements to the sound, which unquestionably evolves with each new recording. Each composition delivers even more melodies, harmonies, ear-appealing chants, and rhythmic acrobatics. The Bloodstrings are fully capable of improving traditional punkabilly/psychobilly sound into something much more exciting than performing the same old maneuvers we used to hear in similar groups thousands of times before.

Right with the initial beats, you may hear how the rhythm section holds everything in line. The rhythm section is also mainly responsible for the massive foundations of The Bloodstrings. The exceptional drumming performance offers loads of energetic rhythmic sequences, accentuations, and fills but tends to impress throughout the entire recording even more. The double bass provides massive layers of low-end tones through series of thoughtfully arranged basslines. These low-end tones are also acting as a binding element between excellent drumming performance and chord progressions. The guitar contributes with catchy chord progressions, arpeggiated thematics, robust riffages, and other virtuosities. However, it seems that the perfectly executed lead vocals are carrying the entire group from scratch to finish. Her voice levitates between punkabilly and pop-punk with such ease by offering series of flawless low and high tones, performed depending on the current direction of the songs.

A Part unquestionably represents one of those records you don’t want to miss out. This material will suit even the pickiest punkabilly/psychobilly fans. Still, admirers of melodic punk rock/pop-punk music should pay attention to this EP as well. A Part comes on a colored 10″, accompanied by a meaningful illustration. Head over to SBÄM Records for more detailed information about ordering.

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