Chaser - Dreamers CD - Various Labels

Chaser – Dreamers CD (Various Labels)

Chaser - Dreamers CD (Various Labels)

Chaser are back with another outstanding full-length recording. After critically acclaimed Look Alive 7″, these guys took a short break to record highly-anticipated material for their latest effort named Dreamers. Still, the group released a couple of singles prior to the release date, such as 2020, New Direction, and Dreamers, which served as an appropriate overture for this full-length. These guys don’t need any introduction, and whoever touched skate punk base probably heard for this Californian outlet. Since their formation in 2000, Chaser released an impressive amount of recordings, such as In Control CD, a split 7″ release with False Alliance, The Big Picture CD, Accion 7″, Dying Scene: Acoustic Sessions EP, Sound The Sirens LP, and Look Alive 7″. The group also released dozen of singles, appeared on various benefit compilations, and released Garage Years: Unreleased & Out of Print LP with their first recordings.

Dreamers represents their fifth full-length material that carries thirteen energetic compositions, entirely performed in their manner. Just as their previous recordings, Dreamers deals with themes like friendship, relationships, various moments, situations, circumstances but also covering a specter of issues that are striking modern society. Besides dealing with all these themes, Chaser are keeping a positive mental attitude and offering words of wisdom, thoughts about all these issues, and acting as the light at the end of the tunnel. The group nurtures this approach since its beginnings, so if you’re looking out for some positively charged music, Dreamers will be the right choice for you. Musicwise, this material levitates from ferocious, velocious, energetic skate-punk tunes to more anthemic, melodic, moderate punk rock songs. Chaser also thoroughly explores some late nineties melodic hardcore sound, mainly notable through various harmonies and accentuations.

For those who’re encountering Chaser for the first time, the group takes the golden era of skate punk music as the starting point but gradually moves towards the contemporary sound with each new recording. Dreamers undoubtfully resembles the sound of renowned skate punk groups who released their recordings for Epitaph, Fat Wreck, Kung Fu, Nitro, and Go Cart Records during the nineties. However, it seems that these guys are elevating the traditional skate punk orchestrations on an entirely new level by gradually adding some catchy melodic hardcore maneuvers, engaging basslines, and profoundly dynamic rhythmic acrobatics. Even when you think they couldn’t sound more powerful than this, the group kicks in with hymnic choruses, empowered by captivating singalongs. Chaser exceeds expectations with each following recording, and Dreamers makes no exceptions neither. This recording is fully packed with catchy skate punk tunes from scratch to finish and you’ll love every bit of it. Dreamers come on vinyl and compact disc thanks to a collaboration between Sound Speed Records, Thousand Islands Records, SBÄM Records, and Pee Records. Head over to your favorite label for more information about ordering this gem.



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