Call In Dead / 2AMature - Live at the Danger Room 7" - DCxPC Live

Call In Dead / 2AMature – Live At The Danger Room, Orlando, FL 7″ (DCxPC Live)

Call In Dead / 2AMature - Live at the Danger Room 7" - DCxPC Live

Since the beginning of the pandemic, artists, promoters and venues looked out for all the possible alternatives to play/host live shows, but due to this situation with quarantine, a lot of them decided to call it quits. On the contrary, some of them have adapted to this situation and moved on at the same pace as before. DCxPC Live is one of those who adapted almost instantly by providing live streams for the broader audience. However, they also decided to go a step further by recording those performances and publishing them in physical format. A live split release between Call in Dead and 2AMature represents the first release in the pipeline that received a 7″ treatment. This material encapsulates the rawness and energy of both artists but also signifies a new era for DCxPC.

This material carries seven compositions in total, four by Call In Dead and three by 2AMature. Call In Dead opens up this interesting release with their abrasive version of hardcore punk music. The group appears as bone-wrecking machinery, completely capable of tearing everything in the nearest radius. The entire band bursts with enormous energy, fully packed in thoughtfully arranged compositions that are showcasing more than simplistic hardcore punk maneuvers. Besides hardcore punk sound, you may notice some ska chops or occasional blastbeats. These experimentations with ska and fastcore serve more as transitional segments, which are gradually evolving into hardcore punk shreds all over again. The group also involves a healthy dosage of dirtiness and cacophony in order to spice things up a little bit, so you’ll especially enjoy Call In Dead if you’re into dirtier hardcore punk sound.

2AMature are offering noisy melodic punk rock on their side of this split release. The group solely relies upon the classic four-chord progressions, interesting guitar leads, and moderate rhythmic sequences. For some reason, some of their numbers resemble the Frankenchrist era by Dead Kennedys, mainly because of the beforementioned guitar leads. However, the group excludes heavy dosages of studio reverb, so these similarities are not so obvious. Just like Call In Dead, 2AMature are incorporating generous dosages of noise into their music to enhance their sonic presence a little bit. The band levitates from melodic punk rock towards more hardcore punk sound in a matter of seconds. There’s a comprehensive collection of various genres, styles, and technics during their set, so you will especially enjoy their share of this split release if you’re looking out for some experimentations.

This split release comes in limited quantities, so you better act fast if you want to preserve your copy. The official release date is April 30th. Head over to DCxPc Live website, Call In Dead Bandcamp page, or 2AMature Bandcamp page for more detailed information about ordering.



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