True - Still Life CD - Geenger Records

True – Still Life CD (Geenger Records)

True - Still Life CD - Geenger Records

Today, I am digging into the darkest depths of Geenger Records archives. This particular recording was one of their initial releases back in 2010, first in pipeline to be more precise. This material knocked my socks off when I heard it for the first time, so I asked Geenger Records HQ for permission to reintroduce this band to our readers, who will unquestionably grasp the darkness and dynamics of this great band. Still Life by True showcases the intelligent songwriting and tremendous musicianship of this Croatian band, based in Samobor. Since their formation, True released a demo recording named Plastic World, Serum CD/LP, Still Life CD, a split release with Dickless Tracy, appeared on a regional tribute to Amebix, then released Symptoms LP and a single called Shadow. Therefore, Still Life represents their second full-length material, which I would like to talk about today.

True relies upon several complementary genres, harmoniously combined to perfection. Perhaps the blackened crust is one of the most notable ones, but you may notice how death metal, black metal, and grindcore inspired these musicians to create such outstanding material. Surely, Still True mostly levitates between the blackened crust and technical death metal, but there are also smaller chunks of traditional black metal and grind/grindcore. The best part about these experimentations is their ability to transform as a band from a fully energetic beast to nearly depressive black metal. However, these transitions are followed by countless segments, sequences, accentuations, so it seems that the band gradually evolves within particular compositions. Therefore, Still Life appears as a bone-crushing material, consisted of loads of sonic delicacies, which will unquestionably appeal to fans of extreme metal music.

This material carries some pleasant surprises that are shaking the foundations of these genres. True introduces the tambura in their music, a traditional regional string instrument that replaces guitars at some points during the album. While some gatekeepers may think this addition strays from the true metalhead path, wait until you hear these tunes. True mainly replaced guitars with tambura during the blackened crust/black metal themes, so this instrument offers a bit of refreshment on the repetitious metal scene. The best part about these experimentations is that this material doesn’t lose that darkened and depressive atmosphere, which a band like True aims for during the entire album. Just add technically demanding death metal guitar shreds, blastbeats, and growly vocals, and you got yourself a flawlessly performed material.

Even the aesthetics of Still Life differ from those you have repetitiously seen on some metal recordings. True embraces completely different visual imagery that resembles something that noise rock, post-hardcore, and screamo bands would usually use for their cover artworks. The beauty of this recording hides in both audio and visual aesthetics, which may not appeal to the gatekeepers, but will unquestionably appeal to those who are not looking out for another bland and repetitious band. Still Life comes on a compact disc, housed in a jewel case, and decorated with an eye-peeling booklet. Head over to Geenger Records for more detailed information about ordering.




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