Crashed Out - Crash N Burn CD - I Want It Records

Crashed Out – Crash N Burn CD (I Want It Records)

Crashed Out - Crash N Burn CD - I Want It Records

This group doesn’t need any introduction for those who’re into streetpunk/Oi! sound for years. Crashed Out is a renowned name that is lurking around the UK streetpunk/Oi! scene for more than two and half decades. Since the formation in 1995, Crashed Out released a dozen of full-length recordings such as This Is Our Music, Here Now And Real, Pearls Before Swine, Fast Loose And Live, Crash & Burn, and 20 Years. The group also released loads of split releases with groups such as Angelic Upstarts, Templars, Secret Army, Keyside Strike, Bricktop, Fighting 48th, and The Generators. Besides the beforementioned discography, Crashed Out released compilation albums like Workingclass Aggression The Years 1996-2003, The One And Only, From Various Albums Of Ours, and also appeared on a couple of samplers. Judging by their working ethic, Crashed Out is a prolific group that has a lot to offer to the admirers of streetpunk/Oi! sound.

Today, I will talk about Crash N Burn, an album widely considered as their best material. This record has been released in 2010 on LP/CD by I Hate People Records, then reissued by Randale Records in 2013. Then in 2019, this material received another reissue on I Want It Records. However, this reissue contains seven bonus tracks and a re-edited luxurious visual identity. Everything about this compact disc looks beautiful. This version includes slightly different front cover artwork with a burning car as a centerpiece and a back alley painted in monochrome as the background. The remaining portion of the artwork is decorated with a brand new band logo and the album title presented in a newspaper assembled letters. Besides the eye-peeling front cover, you’ll stumble upon a twelve-page booklet, fully stacked with complete lyrics and band photos. The rest of the packaging is designed according to the front cover, so everything looks visually harmonious.

Musicwise, Crash N Burn is a real deal. This is how streetpunk/Oi! music should sound these days. Crashed Out operates as bone-crushing machinery, fully supported by impressive guitar works and precise rhythm section. The group is heavily influenced by a rich Oi! scene heritage, but their music sounds a bit tighter and polished. Besides classic Oi! maneuvers, you may hear loads of rock’n’roll, hard rock, and bits of heavy metal. This mixture of complementary genres is an already proven formula but Crashed Out uplifts these sonic maneuvers on an entirely new level. The tremendous production brings each instrument upfront, so you’ll be able to fully grasp the powerful sonic output presented by the entire band. This material withstands the test of time because it sound fresh even 10 years after its initial release.

Crashed Out perfectly balances between aggression and melodics with such ease, and their music unquestionably showcases a technically demanding streetpunk sound, backed by some technicalities borrowed from other genres. These technicalities are mainly demonstrated through tight guitar riffages, energetic guitar solos, various harmonizations, and other guitar licks. The warm-sounding bass guitar thoroughly supports these guitar maneuvers with massive low-end tones, but also maintains the gaps between guitars and drums. The completely precise drumming performance keeps the entire band fully in control through series of moderate rhythmic beats, maneuvers, accentuations, and drum fills. Lead vocals are liberating another layer of aggression through powerful shoutouts, which are entirely pairing to the music performance. This material wouldn’t sound like a streetpunk recording without singalongs but Crashed Out wisely implemented choir chanting in appropriate places throughout the album.

You should consider purchasing this reissued version of Crash N Burn. With seven bonus tracks, re-edited cover artwork, and quality packaging, this compact disc undoubtfully deserves a place in your record collection. The compact disc is available directly from the band, so head over to their Bandcamp and grab a copy for yourself or your loved ones.




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