Night Slaves – III LP (Swimming Faith Records)

Previously, I wrote an article about Patient Zero, earlier works by Night Slaves, presented through two compelling industrial compositions. III comes out right after the release of Patient Zero, but it liberates an entirely diverse material full of surprises. John Toohill and David Kane imagined Night Slaves as ultimate sonic weaponry to express themselves in all the possible spheres of sound art, and they utterly succeed in their aims. Comparing to Patient Zero, III expands the sound of Night Slaves even more and somehow differs from their previous recordings, but the duo retains some signature moves they’re widely known for.

III comprises of ten industrial synth-pop compositions, saturated with some rock’n’roll and blues accentuations. The duo unleashes a more experimental side through a comprehensive collection of thoughtfully arranged numbers. Night Slaves are keeping the goth vibe throughout the entire album, and the complete recording resembles an experimental old school horror soundtrack, saturated with various appropriate movements, Hammond organ themes, piano, industrial basslines, and synth-pop beats. John follows all these orchestrations with his dynamic vocal abilities, and you may notice a resemblance with Andrew Eldritch, Jim Morrison, or Glen Danzig at some segments. However, John retains his signature moves throughout the album.

For those who are looking out for a more precise comparison, III comes near earlier Nine Inch Nails, Sisters Of Mercy, Joy Division, New Order, Xiu Xiu, mainly because of the wide variety of elements involved on this particular album. Goth rock ambiance fights for dominance over industrial synth-pop beats, while the experimental acrobatics are maintaining dynamics through subtle maneuvers. The vast portion of the material circulates at the same moderate tempo. However, these experimental accentuations and movements are keeping things interesting from the beginning to the end of the album. Night Slaves wrote, composed, and recorded a thoughtfully structured recording with nearly impressive arrangements for this particular genre.

The album is still available at Night Slaves Bandcamp page and Swimming Faith Records web store. The transparent orange vinyl comes with a contemporary art design silk-screened on a recycled cardboard sleeve. It’s limited to 300 copies, so act fast and grab one for yourself if you’re into gothy industrial synth-pop sound.

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