Parasit – Samhällets Paria LP (Phobia Records)

Parasit - Samhällets Paria LP

If you followed our articles in the past couple of months, you probably notice that d-beat / crust punk music has been our weapon of choice. We covered loads of brilliant records within these longevous subgenres, almost right after they hit the underground market. Samhällets Paria by Parasit is one of the latest releases published by Phobia Records. Parasit was formed nearly a decade ago by remaining members of legendary Uncurbed. The band was sporadically active and shared the stage with groups such as Doom, Counterblast, Distress, Warcollapse, Paranoid, Institution, and Diagnosis? Bastard! Despite occasional lineup changes, Parasit has recorded Välj Din Egen Bödel (D-Takt & Råpunk Records), Bag Of Enemies EP (Cyclone Empire), and A Proud Tradition Of Stupidity (Nuclear Fear Records).

Samhällets Paria includes sixteen compositions performed in recognizable Swedish d-beat / crust punk manner, but as usual, there’s even more than meets the eye. Besides traditional rhythmical acrobatics, fierce chord progressions, catchy minimalistic guitar solos, and slightly distorted basslines, Parasit includes renowned old school Swedish hardcore accentuations. These compelling combinations provide an additional dosage of relentless aggression, marvelously catalyzed by distinctive lead vocalist. Lead vocals are leaning towards standard black metal chanting style, rather than what we witnessed on d-beat records before. However, this particular singing technic comes as a bit of refreshment and perfectly matches the presented music. The guitars burst with precise, raw, and energetic shreds, supplemented by gradually fuzzy low-end tones. Exceptional drumming performance keeps everything in line with dynamic d-beat rhythms, supported by rawness, precisely delivered through continuous cymbal splashing. Parasit resembles the sound of Uncurbed, Meanwhile, Discharge, Anti-Cimex, but also leaves the necessary room for some signature moves. Parasit hits right between the eyes with the uncompromising d-beat weaponry that will unquestionably suit the admirers of the genre.

Samhällets Paria comes on an ultra-limited black on white splatter vinyl, standard black vinyl, but it’s also available for streaming on Phobia Records Bandcamp page. Don’t hesitate to check this banger out, because it represents a contemporary d-beat sound, performed by the musicians who shaped the genre for decades through their previous bands.

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