Flowers In Concrete / Dim Prospects – Split LP (Noise Appeal Records)


Today we’re covering one of the latest releases by Noise Appeal Records, a prolific Austrian recording label solely focused on promoting regional underground bands. Two remarkable Austrian bands share this piece of plastic. Flowers In Concrete are a longstanding hardcore punk band that’s been on hiatus since 2002, but they eventually decided to mark their anniversary with live performance sometime in 2018. Their share of the split record is also their most advanced recording that embarks a new era for the group. Dim Prospects are a relatively newer hardcore punk group comprised of the renowned musicians who molded the Austrian scene for two decades through previous bands such as Target of Demand, Those Who Survived the Plague, Knallkopf, Cyruss, and Brambilla. Both bands have contributed five songs per side, and their music is comparable but different at the same time. Flowers In Concrete float somewhere between fully energetic melodic hardcore punk, which has been saturated with loads of raw punk rock aesthetics. Lead vocals display a notable dosage of high pitched heavy metal vibes that hits directly right between the eyes. These specific chanting technicalities match to classic punk rock four-chord progressions, which have been soaked in subtly distorted basslines. Guitars certainly accommodate more than simplified chord progressions through an extensive array of excellent harmonizations. The complete orchestrations have been sustained by intense maneuvers of the fiercely dynamic rhythm section. The compositions have been sung in German language, so the entire material comes as a bit of refreshment in the vast sea on the English language-oriented scene. Dim Prospects are commencing on another side of this striking split release. The band nurtures a powerful combination of the cleverly structured eighties melodic hardcore, and the unmatchable nineties melodic punk rock sound. The resemblance with the eighties melodic DC hardcore groups is hearable right with the first beats of the opening number. Dim Prospects are powered by killer dual vocals whose direct approach tears down everything in the wider radius. Guitars are pairing these vocal dualities through beautiful melodic hardcore punk orchestrations, mainly comprised of thoughtfully arranged arpeggiated harmonizations. These guitar works have been enriched with octave ridden themes, carefully implemented at the appropriate segments. Dim Prospects are also relying on a vigorous rhythm section, which liberates fast-paced rhythmical rollercoasters throughout the entire share of this split recording. Speaking in general, both bands have nailed with loads of relentless dynamics, unique approaches, and more than entertainful moments that will suit to the admirers of highly energetic melodic hardcore punk sound. Both bands prove the point that the Austrian hardcore punk scene possesses certain qualities, which can undoubtfully match even further established hardcore punk communities across the globe. This marvelous split album has been published on black vinyl, and it can be obtained at Noise Appeal Records web store.

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