One Step Closer – Promo 2020 (Triple B Records)


Today we’re are covering the promo recording that created a big bang on the underground hardcore punk scene in just a matter of days. I’ve seen this material circling around on various social media, but it was mainly posted on pages and groups on Facebook. One Step Closer are widely known for their distinctive approach to the genre that circulates around contemporary melodic hardcore, and a very unique melancholic old school hardcore that has been massively popular during the eighties and nineties. Besides a couple of recordings such as self-titled cassette and promo EP, both currently available on Bandcamp, One Step Closer has also published a debut full-length record called From Me To You for Triple B Records last year. The band built up a broader following since then, mainly because of their magnificent music, so From Me To You has gained lots of positive critics since its publishing. One Step Closer obviously doesn’t waste any time considering this promo has been promoted on the web only a year after their debut, and the band continues to amaze its loyal fans with gracious servings of dynamics and creativity. The material is comprised of a brand new number called Lead To Gray, and Broken, a cover song originally performed by Turning Point on Its Always Darkest Before The Dawn, which has been published at the very beginning of the nineties. Lead To Gray showcases the widely known musicianship of One Step Closer in all its glory. Their capabilities to transcend a full specter of emotions through melancholic, but highly energetic melodies are simply astonishing. Both guitars are firing arpeggiated themes and palm-muted riffages with such ease, while basslines are providing massive support with rich warm tones. Drumming segments are performed beyond comprehension, so each sequence or drum fill is synchronized with powerful guitar riffs. Such a great tune that will certainly be praised among fans of melodic hardcore. Broken comes up next, and once again, One Step Closer has done an incredible job. Comparing it to the original song, the band has done a proper homage to Turning Point. This version retains all the vital elements of the specific melodic aspect of eighties straight edge hardcore that would, without a doubt, made Turning Point proud. Be sure not to miss this one if you’re a fan of melodic straight edge hardcore because One Step Closer possesses certain elements that will force you to love this specific genre even more.

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