Fat Chester – Comeback Reality CD (SBÄM Records)


Fat Chester is and Austrian skate punk band that is pretty much active since 2016. Their sound has been profoundly influenced by the skatepunk music of the late 90s and early 2000s. So far, the band has published a single named Wreckage in 2017, Another Day In Paradise EP in 2018, so Comeback Reality is actually their debut full-length record that has been the latest addition to their discography. Fat Chester has offered eleven magnificent compositions to the wider audience and the complete album possesses particular qualities that will undoubtfully comfort loyal fans of the band and gather some new ones along the way. The band consolidates rudiments of skate punk sound, bits and pieces of pop-punk and subtle doses of hardcore punk. These ingredients are thoughtfully unified into a singular entirety, so the group appears organized throughout the entire recording. Fat Chester relies on various guitar dualities, mostly designated by the powerful riffages on one channel and interesting octave progressions on the other, so these chromatic segments sound utterly melodic on each composition. The guitars are backed by a very intense warm sounding basslines that maintain massive all the way through, mainly because of the very resonant, but subtle sound. These powerful basslines heavily support magnificent drumming segments and fulfill the gaps between guitar sequences and various rhythmical maneuvers. Vocals are partly distorted, but still melodic enough to fit perfectly to all the exhibited music. Lead vocals have been enhanced by magnificent singalongs which are especially notable on the catchy refrains. The entire band sounds tight and Comeback Reality certainly possesses tons of highlights that will entertain all the fans of old school skate punk music. Comeback Reality has been accompanied by a wonderful illustration that depicts a couple chilling at the docks while witnessing the city landscape burning to the ashes. The album has been published on a compact disc by SBÄM Records, so visit their site and order a copy for yourself or for your loved ones.

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