Disaster Forecast – Another Day, Another Disaster EP


Disaster Forecast is coming out of Sheffield, UK and somehow I’ve missed their latest recording called Another Day, Another Disaster that was published last year in their production. According to Discogs, this is a debut recording by these astonishing melodic punk rockers and surprisingly a brilliant one. Disaster Forecast delivers technically demanding energetic melodic hardcore punk that leans over foundations of skate punk music. This blend has been pervaded by dozen of incredibly detailed shreddings, warm sounding basslines, and fast-paced drumming, resulting in five tremendously executed compositions that contain loads of great rememberable moments. The band included almost every conceivable element in their music. From captivating chord progressions and extremely fast shreddings to magnificent harmonizations, octaves and ultra-melodic scales, the band demonstrates its power through thoughtfully arranged tracks. The rhythm section fulfills these guitar improvisations quite nicely, basslines are also incredible, so the massive sound of bass guitars accompanied with highly energetic drumming encompasses the sound and dynamics of the entire band. All associated instruments are flawlessly leveled up on a recording. The guitars and bass guitar are presented almost equally in the mix while the astounding vocals and drums are dominantly placed upfront on the recording. Disaster Forecast reaches close to the sound of the earlier recordings by the bands such as A Wilhelm Scream and Strike Anywhere, but some other influences are also notable, especially similarities with various Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords bands. The band also left room for some signature moves which are more than skillfully delivered throughout the entire EP. Another Day, Another Disaster has been accompanied by an amazing artwork, comprised of apocalyptic imagery of a driver witnessing the asteroid shower heading towards the inhabited zone. It’s such a nice addition to an overall impression of this material and it utterly accommodates the presented music. Another Day, Another Disaster is available for streaming at all streaming services, so give it a couple of spins because this band certainly deserves it.

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