Warcycle – Legalised Onslaught 7” (Scull Crasher Records / Televised Suicide Records)


Warcycle is a compelling d-beat/crust punk trio originating from Perth, Australia, and Legalised Onslaught is their latest bone-crushing extended play record. Previously, the band has published highly anticipated Deploy & Destroy tape that reaped positive acclaims among the DIY punk community. Legalised Onslaught is a proper continuation of their previous recordings, but sound quality has been enhanced, so the entire 7” delivers even more sinister sound than Deploy & Destroy. For those who might don’t know, Warcycle nurtures crust punk/d-beat sound heavily inspired by Japanese hardcore bands, so their music might resemble the sound of Framtid, Forward, Battle Of Disarm…et cetera. Legalised Onslaught consists of a giant slab of thoughtfully organized noise that overflows with powerful shreddings, distorted basslines, and ultra-speed drumming. The growling vocals are tearing the ears apart, but you’ll probably ask for more when you spin both sides of this rager. Warcycle shapeshifts the entire genre with these recordings and terrific production plays the big part. Despite that tremendous walls of sound have been delivered with such ferocity and speed, all the segments are equally hearable throughout the entire recording. This well-organized chaos has been supported by incredible lyrics about the standard, but pretty much relevant themes considering the current world events. War, famine, mass-media manipulation, arms race, various conflicts, tensions between both local and global policies are just some of the themes Warcycle covered on this magnificent 7” record. Legalised Onslaught has been published in a collaboration between Scull Crasher Records and Televised Suicide. The beautiful standard vinyl comes with an astonishing drawing that remarkably visualizes Warcycle’s music. Scull Crasher Records is responsible for distribution within Europe and Televised Suicide is taking care of the rest of the world. Make sure to check out this amazing 7” if you’re into perfectly executed crust punk deeply rooted in Japanese hardcore music.

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