A Part Of Us – Different Stories On The Same Road CD (Various Labels)


A Part Of Us is a melodic hardcore punk quartet hailing from Verona, Italy and Different Stories On The Same Road is their debut full-length album. The band has been profoundly inspired by notable acts such as A Wilhelm Scream, Belvedere, Mute, Darko, No Use For A Name, NOFX, Adrenalized, plus many more. At some point, Different Stories On The Same Road may sound like any other conventional technical punk rock album nowadays, but there’s more than meets the eye if you dare to dig deeper into the essence of their sound. The musicians associated in A Part Of Us are originating from numerous international projects, so naturally, their influences are exceeding the standard punk rock specter. Quite the contrary, A Part Of Us digs deeper into contemporary technicalities composed of exalted guitar progressions, massive basslines, and flawlessly executed drumming. The band also relies on the plentiful of groovy segments, dynamics are nearly insane and the thoughtful arrangements are mainly presented with a lot of highly energetic sequences. The vocals are extending from high-pitched melodic chanting, various singing dualities, and compelling singalongs, so with great assurance, I can affirm these guys thought about every single feature of their album. A Part Of Us is transcending infinite portions of raw sentiments, energy, and power through thoughtful compositions that have been performed by the experienced musicians who are sincerely devoted to the melodic punk rock scene. The album is accompanied by an illustrated cover artwork that goes flawlessly with this release, so you’ll be blown away both visually and musically. Different Stories On The Same Road comes with eight sparkling compositions gathered onto a compact disc and it has been published in collaboration between This Is The Core Records, Punk & Disorderly Records, Lockjaw Records, Melodic Punk Style, CoreTex Records, and Milestone Sounds.

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