Face To Face – Live In A Dive LP (Fat Wreck Chords)


Face To Face is undoubtfully one of the most significant Californian bands who developed the melodic punk rock scene throughout the nineties. With roughly three decades on the scene, dozen of albums, extended plays, split releases and countless singles, these punk rock veterans are still pivotal as they were during the nineties with their incomparable playing style. Face To Face determined to participate in a famous Live In A Dive series and has documented their performance at St. Vitus in Brooklyn, NYC. This time, the band has focused on compositions from Don’t Turn Away, Big Choice, Face To Face, Reactionary, Laugh Now Laugh Later, and Protection, but most of the songs weren’t performed on their previous live recordings. The band sounds remarkable as usual, they’ve chosen and placed all the numbers at the right places so this live recording could appear entertaining and interesting in its entirety. The atmosphere of the St. Vitus bar has been caught by a professional sound engineer and the audience nourished the entire ambiance with all the shout outs and singalongs throughout the entire live recording. Each drum beat, bassline, and guitar harmony sounds like a charm and all the band members have put a lot of effort so this Live In A Dive session could easily be nominated as one of the best I’ve heard so far. This live recording delivers the best moments you can experience at each Face To Face and it serves as a more than good evidence of the quality of this long-standing band. Like a previous Live In A Dive sessions, this one is also accompanied by a phenomenal graphic of Face To Face performing on stage while the audience is moshing. The devil is complaining about all the noise beneath and this particular part of the cover artwork is such a nice addition to the overall visual experience. This live recording has been published by Fat Wreck Chords, a well-known punk rock record label from San Francisco, California, and it’s available on vinyl, CD and all streaming devices, so don’t miss a chance to experience a piece of the Face To Face history.

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