Heads Up – Let Things Happen


Heads Up are originating from Les Herbiers, France and Let Things Happen is their second full-length album which has currently been streamed across their Bandcamp page. The band essentially focuses on nineties melodic skate punk music with an insignificantly more genuine production which goes towards much more modern production standards. Nonetheless, if we exclude advanced production, Heads Up are paying homage to a comprehensive music genre that arose from conventional American hardcore punk rock scene and became considerably popular during the nineties. The band captures the essence of those times, shapeshifts all the harmonies, speeds up the tempos and adds a great dosage of socially conscious lyrics to spice things up a little more. The lyrics might be quite peculiar at some moments, the band sticks to conventional themes which are most customary for all the skate punk bands, but these guys have so much more to contribute through their distinctive music than most of the comparable skate punk bands nowadays. In some cases, their music has reminded me of some older works by some of the prominent acts such as Satanic Surfers, Belvedere, Ten Foot Pole, Venerea, NOFX, Adhesive or perhaps No Fun At All. Heads Up rely their music on simplistic riffages, melodic licks and really fast rhythms which was so characteristic for the 90s before this particular genre progressed to much more mainstream waters and because of that, this band deserves an exceptional spot at the current skatepunk scene. Let Things Happen is currently up for a free download at the Heads Up’s Bandcamp page, but I encourage you to donate some cash and support the craft of these hardworking musicians who deserve your full attention.

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