Emerge – Oneirism 10” (Attenuation Circuit)


We all have times when we need some special soundtrack for the particular part of the day or you just simply want to turn some music on and don’t care about everyday problems. You just need cool melodies, impressive bass lines, maybe some vocals or even some drum rhythms to move you into the right direction through the day, but that’s not the case with ”Oneirism” because we are not talking about simple arranged music for the masses. This is a pure ambient soundtrack for the cold weather when you don’t want to move anywhere from the house. This album will ask you for full attention and your brain will ask for more. This one is a really pure delicacy for the lovers of the ambient experimentations, because of the complexity of the sounds which are involved on both tracks. If you’re not paying attention while you’re listening, you will only hear one long piece of sound, something similar to the wind. If you pay attention to this material closely, you will hear all the beautifulness of both tracks, because there’s a lot more into it. More movements, more experimentations and even more emotional approach to both compositions. The sound is very compact, well recorded, without all those bleeps and bloops which are common mistakes when it comes to sound composing, so your listening pleasure is guaranteed. Also, this 10” record is financially supported and released by Emerge into 300 pieces, so there’s an even bigger reason to support the artist and purchase your copy of ”Oneirism” and fully enjoy in one of the best ambient albums you heard in a very long time.

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