Michael Esposito & Dave Philips – The Ghosts Of Freaks 7”


Sometimes you wake up in the morning with an aim to listen to some cheerful music and simply jump off the bed and have a very nice day with your friends somewhere outside, but sometimes what you really need is some dark and mystical industrial ambient experimentations to hold you tied to a chair and make you think about every possible thing that surrounds you at moment. You can experience that kind of feeling while listening to The Ghost Of Freaks collaborative 7” by Michael Esposito and Dave Philips. Despite the fact that ”The Ghost Of Freaks” is nearly five minutes long…it’s more than enough for your listening pleasure. Both artists know how to get things done and they’ve recorded the track very professional, with clear sound and good production, so you can experience and hear every single idea they have put into this material without missing anything. As I previously said, the track has dark, mystical, grimy, almost bleak vibe, but with enough sound movements in both speakers in the vein of industrial and musique concrete style. It gives you the chills from time to time which is a big plus to me. It’s more than obvious that both artists know how to deal with the equipment they’re using to produce their music and The Ghost Of Freaks is more than a good proof of their professionalism. This amazing 7” comes with the awesome monochrome cover artwork of animal skull while the inside part of the cover exposes animal flesh. Highly recommended for fans of dark ambient.

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