Bracket – Too Old To Die Young (Fat Wreck Chords)


Bracket is a punk rock band Forestville, California and anyone involved into punk rock during the 90s probably remembers them as one of the most active bands at that time. The lineup consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Marty Gregori, bassist and backing vocalist Zack Charlos, drummer Ray Castro, and guitarist and backing vocalist Angelo Celli, who replaced Larry Tinney in 1998. The band published 924 Forestville St. LP (Caroline Records, 1994), 4-Wheel Vibe LP (Caroline Records, 1995), Like You Know CD (Caroline Records, 1996), Novelty Forever LP (Fat Wreck Chords, 1997), When All Else Fails LP (Fat Wreck Chords, 2000), Requiem CD (Takeover Records, 2006) and Hold Your Applause LP (High Output Records, 2014) so far and Too Old To Die Young is their brand new LP which has been published by Fat Wreck Chords. For those who are not familiar with the sound of the Bracket, you can expect melodic mid-tempo punk rock mixed up with power pop, alternative, indie rock, and the band haven’t changed their sound drastically like the rest of the bands who chased new audience for a couple of decades. Still, Bracket sounds fresh because there are not a lot of bands who are delivering music like this. Their production has distinctive old school sounding and the riffs are played at the same old style as they’ve done on their previous albums. Almost every tune have the potential to become a radio hit, because of the simple, but addictive melodies implemented over the great musical performance by the rhythm section, so it’s very hard to pick the highlights of the album, but you’ll eventually pick your own favorites. Vocals are doing their part properly with amazing poppy singalongs which will melt your heart out. Also, vocals have a reverb effect over, so you’ll get the feeling like you’re listening to some good surfing music. I am glad Bracket are once again publishing their material at Fat Wreck Chords because they’ll get a spotlight they deserve. Too Old To Die Young is available on coloured vinyl and CD, so pick your weapon of choice and enjoy in some good pop punk music.