Bare Teeth / Down Memory Lane / Nerdlinger / Shames – Bridging Oceans Split CD (Various Labels)


Split releases are such a great way to stay connected with some fellow musicians, make new connections or reach out some quality labels, so this fine split release is all about that. It’s an awesome opportunity to listen to some great bands, get to know everything about the rest of the catalogue of the labels who participated in publishing of this split release and support DIY scene in some sort of a way. Bridging Oceans is a split release between Bare Teeth from France, Down Memory Lane from Canada, Nerdlinger from Australia and Shames from Japan, plus it’s published by various labels such as Thousand Islands (North America), Disconnect Disconnect Records (UK), Pee Records (Australia) and Attractive Records (Japan), so this split release is covered all across the globe and there’s no chance you can miss it. So let’s talk about the music a little bit. These band are unified under the flag of skatepunk genre, but there’s a lot of things  going on and each band is slightly different than other. Bare Teeth are opening this fine CD and their style can be described as a fast melodic punk rock with a lot of technicalities presented on all the instruments involved, but especially hearable at guitar riffs. Their ideas are phenomenal and everything is supported with ripping basslines and amazing drumming, plus I simply dig their singalongs which are presented more as yelling parts than melodic singing which gives some hardcore punk note to this band. Down Memory Lane are up next and their style is more pop punk oriented melodic punk rock, but with perfect dose of it not to spoil the listening experience. This band have the perfect tempo for their faster tracks, so the guitars can easily play their parts of the songs and each riff is suprisingly hearable which can’t be said for a lot of skatepunk bands nowadays. Also, I simply dig the production where each instrument is hearable separately, but on the other hand all the instruments are unified in one perfect sonic composition. That chunky chunk bass tone is divine and it’s really giving some quality kick to Down Memory Lane’s sound. It’s important to mention some presence of double bass drum here and there, but it’s not spoiling the tracks at all. In matter of fact it properly fits to their music. Perhaps their music is comparable to something Pulley would eventually play, but even better. Nerdlinger are jumping up next with a blast and vocals instantly reminded me of Less Than Jake, but with much more distortion in vocal cords involved. Music is quite contrary far away from ska punk and it’s more melodic skate punk with hardcore punk attitude and some metal progressions implemented here and there. Nerdlinger know how to separate their arrangements in raw and fast aggressive verses and all of a sudden they will transform their music into some emotionally charged melodic punk rock which is mostly hearable in choruses. Their music is constantly slowing down from track to track and it’s almost like a perfect overture for a last, but not least participants of this split release. Shames are playing that classic melodic skate punk music oftenly played by the punk rock bands at the begining of the millenium. Their music possess all the elements of punk rock, which most newer bands need to implement in their music. Guitar riffs are giving more than a perfect dose of melody while the other guitar is filling it with some metal progressions, but once again in right doses not to spoil the song structures. Rhythm section is nailing it in the background and it gives a proper energy to the overall listening experience. Bridging Oceans CD deserves your attention, so don’t miss the chance to grab this great CD release and support the work of some amazing bands and labels who made this split release available to the wider audience. Check out the websites or bandcamp pages of the labels involved in the publishing and treat your ears with some great skatepunk music.