Kuritus – Kahleet CD (Fast Decade Records)


Although they’re singing in their native language and I do not understand goddamn thing they’re talking about, Kuritus caught my attention while I was checking Fast Decade facebook page where I have seen the annoucement for their album. Despite the language barrier, Kuritus are playing very good melodic hardcore / skate punk with a cool vocals and amazing singalong parts. Their well implemented guitar progressions reminded of some music performed by Bodyjar on their debut album called Windsok or perhaps earlier Blink 182 stuff, but slightly faster and by far more interesting. Speaking of Bodyjar, Kuritus possess the same rawness in their music production as their older Aussie colleagues which perfectly suits to their melodies and vocal abilities. Kuritus also have catchy ska and acoustic parts in their tunes, so you’ll not be bored by the constant fast beats which are common thing in most of their tracks off this album. Suprisingly, Finnish language goes great with melodic punk rock, so even the pickiest listeners who are sticking tight to the bands who perform their music strictly in English language will enjoy in less than twenty minutes of great melodic tunes. As I wrote above, Kahleet CD is available through Fast Decade Records, so make sure to purchase this gem and make sure to check out the rest of their catalog which contains dozens of great punk rock outfits.