Physique – The Evolution Of Combat LP (Distort Reality)


If you ever missed Physique as a band, you’ve probably missed a serious kick in the balls and believe me, you need occasional kick in the balls like this. The Evolution Of Combat is their second LP which delivers even more noise and destruction than their debut LP, but this time the balance between noise and good riffs is much more balanced and even better produced, so you can enjoy in a good music and potential ear damaging at the same time. Speaking of music, their mixure of d-beat and hardcore hits at the right spot, overdistorted guitars and short, but sweet solos are at the right places and with pounding drum beats where the cymbals are louder than the rest of the drum set, who can even complain. These guys know how to write a proper d-beat album and deliver chaotic atmosphere of their lyrics. Lyrics are dealing with standard themes strictly connected to this genre. Nightmares of harsh reality, nuclear catastrophies, war, social injustice, gender struggles, land stolen from indigenous people are just some of the themes Physique are dealing with and it seems they really wanted to gather all the important issues at one place and express their own feelings and opinions about it. The Evolution Of Combat comes with a cool cover artwork depicturing a broken peace sign with soldiers surrounding symbol itself and some of them are wearing smileys instead of their heads. Pretty neat art which perfectly suits to the music of Physique. This record is available through Distort Reality webstore, so don’t miss this impressive LP if you’re a fan of raw fast d-beat / hardcore punk.