Willard – Underground CD (Black Guitar Records)


If you ever were a diehard fan of Seattle underground grunge scene, you probably heard for Willard. If you not heard for them, then you probably missed quite a lot good unique grunge music from the musically diverse 90s era. While the bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and the rest of a well known bands shaped the formation of the mainstream grunge scene and helped out to the genre to be heard worldwide, Willard stayed true to their unique sound and shaped the Seattle DIY grunge scene with their sludgy stonerish music full of fuzzy distortion and incredible screaming vocals. Underground CD caught activities of the band in their prime time back in 1993, just a year after publishing of their Still Mill CD for Roadracer Records (sublabel of Roadrunner Records) which gained almost a cult following among true fans of grunge music. Sadly, this material awaited 25 years to reach light of a day and to be heard by the newer generation of music lovers who will witness how good music was back then and hopefully realize that analog recordings still rules, even in the digital era. This material possess eleven amazing tracks which have been recorded at The Ranch sometime in november of 1993, then 25 years later 2” tapes are transferred to a digital recordings at Avast! and then produced by Mark Spiders and  Otis P Otis, both band members of the Willard. Also, it’s good to mention that Underground CD contains nine Willard tracks and two cover songs, Symptoms by Black Sabbath and I Got Right by Iggy Pop. Such a great picks if you ask me and you can catch their influences on Willard’s music if you pay closer attention while listening to this album. After all these years, it seems that Willard still have an aim to stay underground band, so this album is published by Black Guitar Records on a pro done CD packed in carboard sleve full of live band photos in just 100 copies, so better make sure to grab your copy of a first pressing if you’re into brilliant dirty sounding grunge music which was quite popular back in the 90s and it’s still relevant today.



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