Tørsö – Build And Break EP (Revelation Records)


Tørsö are powerful quartet from Bay Area, California consisted of both female and male members and they’re quite active for some time now. Since 2014. they have published 3 Pezzi cassette EP, Community Psychosis EP published both on vinyl and cassette, Sono Pronta A Morire LP and Build And Break EP is their latest recoring published at the begining of 2019, so they have more than impressive discography so far. Some of the band members were also active in almost iconic californian fastcore / powerviolence band Punch and riffs are kinda similar to those presented onto Tørsö recordings, but they’re not nearly as fast as the Punch recordings were. Despite what’s being said, Tørsö are more into raw approach to the genre by mixing up classic old school hardcore riffs and d-beat rhythms, so the band is delivering a lot of aggression and energy through their very short tunes. All the tracks are somewhere near to seven minutes in total of pure hardcore madness which will either stick your ass to the chair or force you to go nuts around. This is not a record for those who are looking for a high quality recording, but for those who get used to listen all those good hardcore punk recordings recorded in dirty basements on a shitty equipment back in the eighties. Front cover art somehow reminds me of an artwork of Liberto Di Vivere, Liberto Di Morire LP by the legendary italian hardcore punks Wretched and I don’t know if this was intentional, but it really suits to the music of Tørsö. Build And Break EP is available as 7” vinyl through Revelation Records, so grab one for your loved ones or for yourself and start this years properly with some blasting hardcore punk tunes.