Skold – Dies Irae CD (Cleopatra Records)

Skold returns with another exalted full-length named Dies Irae. The chances you never heard for Tim Skold are equal with the chances you spent your life under the rock. His exceptional ideas, musicianship, and producing skills are reaching almost every division of the music industry for over three decades. Besides performing side by side with… Read More Skold – Dies Irae CD (Cleopatra Records)

Science Man – II LP + Flexi 7″ (Swimming Faith / Big Neck Records)

After the Match Game 7″ comes the second full-length recording by Science Man. Once again, John Toohill proved there are no boundaries when it comes to writing and publishing everything in the true spirit of the DIY ethos. We all know that prolific artists are becoming repetitious or losing quality during mass production, but Toohill… Read More Science Man – II LP + Flexi 7″ (Swimming Faith / Big Neck Records)

Science Man – Match Game 7″ (Swimming Faith Records)

During the day, John Toohill is a creative individual who performs with the bands such as Alpha Hopper, The Hamiltons, Night Slaves, Spit Kink, The Midnight Vein, Black & White Cat / Black & White Cake, Cobra Cobra, and I probably forgot some other bands he crossed paths with during his musical endeavors. In the… Read More Science Man – Match Game 7″ (Swimming Faith Records)

Captain Frederickson – Absolute Disaster

Sometimes instead of composing music about serious issues that globally struck upon humankind on a regular basis, musicians feel an urge to record music about hilarious stuff that no one would ever think. Captain Frederickson is one of those groups focusing on the humorous side of life, but still, the group supports charities with their… Read More Captain Frederickson – Absolute Disaster

Night Slaves – II CS (Swimming Faith Records)

Night Slaves moved forward with this particular material. It’s a proper continuation of their debut cassette EP that contains some remarkable evolvements towards darkwave aesthetics. This material represents their second EP recording that pushed things to a bit more dynamic sound, decorated with loads of notable improvements. Unlike their debut, this one has lost that… Read More Night Slaves – II CS (Swimming Faith Records)

Night Slaves – III LP (Swimming Faith Records)

Previously, I wrote an article about Patient Zero, earlier works by Night Slaves, presented through two compelling industrial compositions. III comes out right after the release of Patient Zero, but it liberates an entirely diverse material full of surprises. John Toohill and David Kane imagined Night Slaves as ultimate sonic weaponry to express themselves in… Read More Night Slaves – III LP (Swimming Faith Records)

Night Slaves – Patient Zero CS (Swimming Faith Records)

Night Slaves is a characteristic duo from Buffalo, New York. The group comprises of John Toohill (Swimming Faith Records, Science Man, Alpha Hopper, Spit Kink, Cobra Cobra, Johns…among many others) and Dave Kane, an eccentric local artist who creates distinctive music for decades. These two formed Night Slaves sometime in 2015 and instantly started recording… Read More Night Slaves – Patient Zero CS (Swimming Faith Records)

Royal Hungarian Noisemakers – Le Roi Est Mort CD (Unsigned Records)

Royal Hungarian Noisemakers emanate from Budapest, Hungary. I was fortunate enough to share the stage with this live act, but also to experience their live performances a couple of times. Whoever experienced their live performance, left with the impression there’s a lot more going on, mainly because of the presence of both analog and digital… Read More Royal Hungarian Noisemakers – Le Roi Est Mort CD (Unsigned Records)

K. Henry Dunham – Sol Evocations CD (Silentes Records)

Perhaps Sol Evocations is a debut solo record by Kevin Henry Dunham, but this experienced avant-garde artist is one of the crucial members of Our Lady Of The Flowers and Radish Brothers. Both projects burst almost equal doses of quality ambient noises throughout graciously served experimentations. Sol Evocations presents thirteen hours sound art installment purposely… Read More K. Henry Dunham – Sol Evocations CD (Silentes Records)

Rovar17 – Csonkolt Tündér (Unsigned Records)

Rovar17 has been pretty much active with constant touring, so he took advantage of modern technologies and has recorded almost every live performance under this moniker. Csonkolt Tündér is actually an expanded maxi-single that has been re-issued in 2018. and it contains additional recordings from some aforementioned live performances. Besides previously released material, this expanded… Read More Rovar17 – Csonkolt Tündér (Unsigned Records)