Fake Your Own Death - Bad Gods

Fake Your Own Death – Bad Gods

Fake Your Own Death - Bad Gods

We have some more high-quality music for your listening pleasure. After a couple of excellent full-length albums, such as Invisible And Bulletproof and Spit, and two equally good extended-play releases like The Wake and shortestpoemhatestolose, San Francisco-based group Fake Your Own Death returns with another exceptional EP that will unquestionably appeal to anyone into progressive post-punk sound. Bad Gods carry four cleverly assembled compositions worth spinning all the time, but I will focus on the title track today. The opening track defines the luxurious sound of this profoundly creative band, based upon several complementary music genres. Perhaps the post-punk comes to mind first while listening to this introductory piece, but you’ll also notice how some of the finest properties borrowed from synth rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, art rock, new wave, shoegaze, and cinematic ambient enhance, accentuate, and decorate every segment. Some readers might think that Fake Your Own Death included too many styles in their single, but no worries, these skillful musicians know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it pretty well.

Fake Your Own Death

The band thought about even the tiniest elements while assembling this mesmerizing post-punk composition. You’ll immediately notice a mindblowing, psychedelic, progressive, spacey, synthy ambiance built upon some of the best sonic maneuvers you’ll hear in a while. Fake Your Own Death combined complex synth leads, sequences, themes, and melodies with semi-distorted, arpeggiated chord progressions, guitar leads, and equally detailed warm-sounding basslines. All these orchestrations sound jaw-dropping from scratch to finish, and they’re solely responsible for such a luxurious atmosphere that pervades your listening apparatus from all possible directions. You’ll also hear how the intricate rhythmic sequences based upon moderate beats, breaks, fills, and other percussive acrobatics define the groove and tempo but also keep the remainder of the band in line. Bad Gods gradually becomes even more progressive and psychedelic as it approaches the closure. Those are the moments where this group shines the brightest with all the exciting sonic maneuvers. Fake Your Own Death invested so many brilliant ideas into this number, and Bad Gods is one of the best tracks you’ll hear this year. The single and the EP are available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it!

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