Emphasis - Lazaret LP - Geenger Records

Emphasis – Lazaret LP (Geenger Records)

Emphasis - Lazaret LP - Geenger Records

It has been a while since we had some post-metal music on our pages. I was intrigued to dive into the latest release from Croatian post-metal band Emphasis, Lazaret, released on vinyl by Geenger Records not long ago. With its crushing riffs, intricate song structures, and haunting melodies, this album promises to be a standout in the world of post-metal music.

Right from the opening track Misa and following Sunset Morning, Emphasis sets the tone with a brooding, atmospheric musicianship that builds into a thunderous wall of sound. The band’s trademark blend of heavy riffs and post-rock/post-metal-influenced melodies is on full display, creating a sense of tension and release that is both cathartic and emotionally resonant. One of the standout tracks on the album is The Gray Man, a sprawling epic that clocks in at over seven minutes. The song’s slow, dirge-like opening gives way to a series of crushing riffs and soaring melodies, equally complex basslines, and delicate rhythmic structures providing a counterpoint to the band’s more melodic passages. Swallow The Ocean offers a more ambient feel through an excellent theme and continuous splashes over the cymbals. This particular track serves as an overture for what’s about to come next.

Another highlight is Flood The Earth, a track that showcases the band’s ability to create haunting, atmospheric soundscapes. The song’s opening riff is sparse and eerie, with layers of guitar building to a crescendo before giving way to a dynamic verse. The vocals are particularly impressive on this track, conveying both vulnerability and strength in equal measure. Blooming Earth closes this fine piece of sonic artistry with more than enough post-metal maneuvers any listener could chew. It’s a perfect closure that forces you to repeat the entire album over again. Throughout Lazaret, Emphasis prove themselves to be masters of their craft. The band’s ability to create complex, emotionally resonant music is unmatched, and their willingness to explore a wide range of musical styles and influences sets them apart from their peers. Whether exploring the depths of despair or reaching for the heights of transcendence, Emphasis never fails to deliver the goods.

Overall, Lazaret is a stunning achievement that deserves to be heard by post-metal fans everywhere. With its crushing riffs, intricate song structures, and haunting melodies, this album is a tour de force that showcases the band’s talents to their fullest extent. Head to Geenger Records for more information about ordering.





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