Counterparts - A Eulogy For Those Still Here CD - Pure Noise Records

Counterparts – A Eulogy For Those Still Here CD (Pure Noise Records)

Counterparts - A Eulogy For Those Still Here CD - Pure Noise Records

Counterparts, a Canadian post-hardcore band, has been mesmerizing fans with their music for over a decade and a half now. Their most recent release, A Eulogy for Those Still Here, is a true gem that showcases their ability to evolve while still retaining their signature style. This album is an exploration of grief, loss, and pain which makes it an emotional yet beautiful experience for the listeners. One of the things that set Counterparts apart from other post-hardcore bands is their exceptional use of melody. While they are known for their heavy sound, they gracefully embrace their more delicate side in this album. A Eulogy for Those Still Here is packed with moments of stillness where the band takes a step back and allows the emotion of the song to take the lead. This dynamic approach to songwriting makes the album both engaging and soothing.

In addition to their powerful melody lines, the production of this album is nothing short of perfect. Every element, from the massive guitars to the punchy drums and vocals that sit perfectly in the mix, has been meticulously crafted to create a cohesive and immersive experience for the listeners. What truly sets A Eulogy for Those Still Here apart is the raw and honest emotions conveyed through Brendan Murphy’s vocals. This is evident in almost every composition throughout the entire album where he confronts the pain of loss head-on with remarkable honesty and deeply touching lyrics. His heartfelt delivery accompanied by the band’s impeccable instrumentation creates a cathartic listening experience that is both somber and uplifting.

In conclusion, A Eulogy for Those Still Here is an exceptional addition to Counterparts’ discography and a standout album in the post-hardcore genre. It demonstrates the band’s mastery in writing passionate and compelling music, proving their dedication to their craft over the years. If you’re a fan of heavy music that seamlessly blends with the more delicate side of human emotions, then this album is a must-listen and a true masterpiece. Head to Pure Noise Records web store for more information about ordering this post-hardcore gem.





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