Martinska Punk Meets Kanal Fest 2023

Martinska Punk Meets Kanal Fest Announced Daily Lineups: Anti-Nowhere League, Subhumans, Lion’s Law, And More

Martinska Meets Kanal Fest 2023

One of the biggest punk fiestas in Dalmatia and beyond has gathered 14 bands that will perform in three days, July 27th, 28th, and 29th, in Martinska by Šibenik. Martinska Punk meets Kanal Fest is already a highly anticipated event in Croatia and the region, and now organizers have announced the festival lineup by days. Along with festival tickets for all three days, there are also individual tickets available for each day. Pricing is 35 euros for festival tickets and 15 euros for daily ones; all of them are available at this link.

Punk-rock legends from Europe, region, and countries are united with younger forces and the new punk scene, and on this festival, all of them will play in a unique festival location. Martinska is a protected nature park. Watching and listening to mighty punk bands on the festival stage, surrounded by pine forest, sea, and the priceless view of the city of Šibenik, in the high summer season, will surely be an unforgetable experience.

We are headed towards multiple celebrations on Martinska, besides the collaboration of two respectable, alternative festivals, Martinska Punk and Kanal Fest. This summer, a double anniversary is being celebrated. We mark five years of Martinska in Šibenik being the Dalmatia’s musical oasis, and Kanal Fest also celebrates its five years of existence. You can purchase tickets HERE

Day one, Thursday, July 27th
Anti-Nowhere League
Donkey Hot

Day two, Friday, July 28th
Lion’s Law
D Diplinzi
LokvA on the Street

Day three, Saturday, July 29th
Smrt Razuma

Day one, Thursday, July 27th
Festival Martinska Punk meets Kanal Fest delivers a fierce and uncompromising sound from day one, just as it befits a punk-rock meeting. On the very first day, British punk-rock legends Anti-Nowhere League will take the stage as the main stars of the evening. Before the headliner of the evening and one of the main names of the festival, the audience will be rocked by Alergija from Zadar. The show openers will be two bands from Zagreb, Donkey Hot and Heihaizi, who have a lot of experience with gigs and performances.

Day two, Friday, July 28th
On Friday, Martinska will play loud Oi! street punk and hardcore, which will be brought to the audience by the headliners of the evening, Lion’s Law. The cult alternative pop punk rock band D Diplinzi will also perform in front of its audience, returning to the stage after 15 years in its hometown. TačkeKosturi and LokvA on the Street also perform on the same evening, they belong to the younger generation of hard-core/punk-rock bands.

Day three, Saturday, July 29th
You better have some strength left for the final day of the festival, because from the first to the last artist, there will be no breathers. Iconic British anarcho punk band Subhumans will perform as the headliners of the evening, closing the festival. Before them, none the less iconic Nula takes the stage; the band always creates a special atmosphere in front of its audience in Šibenik. Essence from Split will rock the audience with their unique mix of styles, such as prog-metal / post-hardcore, they like to call themselves math’n’roll! Shin is a melodic hardcore punk band that delighted all fans of the genre with its current album “III”, You don’t want to miss this only female-fronted band on the festival. Smrt razuma is a DIY hard core punk band formed in Osijek, well known for its fierce gigs, and will open the last day of the Martinska Punk meets Kanal Fest.





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