Free Whenever

Free Whenever Released New EP “The Movement”

Free Whenever

“Free whenever.” We toss that out casually in texts. Sign off with it in emails. But say it out loud… there’s so much more to it. Liberation without condition. Totally open. There’s vulnerability there, too. All the cards flipped over, nothing to hide.

So it makes a lot of sense that Free Whenever founding members Neil Guleria and Trevor LaVecchia landed on that moniker to represent their art. That level of conscious surrender, letting the stars take the wheel. They believe it was fate that their paths crossed during a chance encounter where they were both independently performing at a wedding a few years back. Since then the Brooklyn NY based duo’s bond has been unbreakable and their mind-bending blend of stoner/psychedelic music has been leaving listeners breathless. Destiny indeed may be playing a role in their journey.

Leaning into an array of influences including vintage psychedelia, dub reggae, eastern modality, African rhythmic tradition, it’s clear that if it speaks to them, Free Whenever will weave it into their multi-layered musical identity. Kings County (aka Brooklyn), is a cultural crossroads where every block, every corner is like its own planet, bursting with its own sound and swing, flavor and flow — and it’s all there in the band’s music.

Born of a humble bedroom recording setup the duo has relied on to self produce and engineer several well-received releases over a lightning-quick two-year period, the band is preparing to unveil The Movement EP, their rawest effort to date. It follows Open Air, Jam Junkies, Vol I & II, all of which were supported by a slew of influential Stoner/Psych Spotify playlisters, Youtube music curators and a variety of websites, leading to a steady stream of new fans worldwide.

A glorious blend of captivating vibes, you may sense some Surprise Chef, the ethereal psych of Khruangbin or a bit of Skinshape in the breaks. Even the artwork for the single and forthcoming EP feels like complex code, or a visual language of those who walk the earth on their own terms.

And while Free Whenever have an astonishing ability to capture their sublime essence on record, the duo would argue their live shows are the pinnacle of who they truly are. They’re a celebration, a synesthetic sound experience. As the last blissful notes ring out, it feels less like you just watched a show, and more like something you’ve just woken up from. Something you’ll take with you on your travels. But rest assured, in whatever form you take the band in, you’re in for a delight.






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