Souls Worn Thin

Souls Worn Thin Released New Single & Video “Ain’t No Life”

Souls Worn Thin

Melodic punk rockers Souls Worn Thin are excited to announce the release of their official music video for the track “Ain’t No Life” from their upcoming debut album, “Kill Your TV”. The album will be released on May 26, 2023, via Epictronic Records.

With “Kill Your TV”, Souls Worn Thin delivers a scathing critique of the manufactured division that permeates society, while bringing back the raw energy of punk and grunge music that influenced them in their youth. The band’s music has a distinctive Pacific Northwest feel that oscillates between aggressive and cheeky, making it an instant hit among fans of the genre.

“Ain’t No Life” captures the essence of Souls Worn Thin’s sound, featuring catchy riffs, driving rhythms, and Stephen Wayne’s powerful vocals. The accompanying music video brings the band’s rebellious spirit to life with its gritty visuals and energetic performance.





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