Polar Announce New Line-Up And European Tour With Atilla & Born Of Osiris


UK post-hardcore stalwarts Polar are excited to announce their new line up and that they will join Attila and Born Of Osiris on their upcoming EU tour.

Vocalist and founder member Adam Woodford (Woody) has appointed a group of well seasoned players, ready to take the band to the next level, both with touring new album Everywhere, Everything   but also with new material. Woody is joined by guitarists Simon Richardson, Bruno Consani, Bassist Stefan Whiting (ex As Lions) and drummer Bradley Hanson.

They replace guitarist Fabian Lomas, bassist Gav Thane and bassist Noah See, who recently left the band.

Woody has released the following statement: 

“Hello, it’s Woody,

“It’s with great sadness and heavy heart that I have to announce the departure of
Fabain Lomas, Gav Thane and Noah See.

“When finishing our last tour in 2020 and going into the pandemic and creating our record
Everywhere Everything, we felt the heavy strain of being in a band through the hardest time in our lifetime. Over this time we kept optimistic, but with the ever changing world we had a very rough journey to where we are today, and we have agreed to part ways with each other. I can’t thank them enough for their time and love they dedicated over many years, to go back as far as starting the band with Fabain in a car park in Guildford. As hard as these decisons have come, I greet their decisons with respect and wish them the best with all their future endeavours.

“For me I don’t feel I am at point where I wanted to call it a day and however fearful I am of the unknown, deep down I believe I have more to give to

“I have made the brave steps forward with the idea of bringing a fresh perspective to
Polar and I am very happy to welcome Simon Richardson (guitar), Bruno Consani (guitar), Stefan Whiting (Bass), Bradley Hanson (drums). With meeting them and discussing the future plans for Polar, I felt with each of them a connection and shared energy. They are what Polar needs to have a future and the future is very bright. We have very strong positive plans for Polar, this is the dawn of a new era.

“We understand you deserve nothing more than the best from us and that’s what we will deliver, make sure you are ready for July. Its going to be one hell of a ride!

“Thank you for all your continuous love and support through these hard times,

“Long Live

New album Everywhere, Everything, is out now via via Arising Empire

Purchase and stream Everywhere, Everything here: https://arisingempire.com/everywhereeverything

Attila, Polar and Born Of Osiris Tour 2023




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