Ranked: Rancid Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

Photo by Atiba Jefferson

We are regularly spinning Rancid tunes at our headquarters. Some of their records are near and dear to our hearts, and we heard that album ranking is popular nowadays, so here’s our take on their discography.

Rancid - Troublemaker


Although Let The Dominoes Fall or Honor Is All We Know could share this place with Troublemaker, it seems like this album is their worst effort ever. There are barely any compositions that differ from something these legendary Berkeley punk rockers recorded before. However, I am sure die-hard Rancid fans know how to appreciate this record. I also thought that the addition of their first band logo was a nice touch, and the cover artwork looks neat too.

Highlights: Track Fast, An Intimate Close Up Of A Street Punk Trouble Maker, Where I’m Going, Say Goodbye To Our Heroes, and This Is Not The End.


Six years after Indestructible, Rancid unleashed Let The Dominoes Fall, another album that seems like a compilation of the recycled tracks that never found their place on the older recordings. Still, it’s much more balanced than the Troublemaker. Many compositions could sound even better if Rancid introduced some innovations in their sound. The good thing about this band is that they have an already proved songwriting formula that works surprisingly well.

Highlights: East Bay Night, Last One To Die, Disconnected, I Ain’t Worried, Damnation, New Orleans, Liberty And Freedom, and You Want It, We Got It.

Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall

Rancid - ...Honor Is All We Know


Thankfully, Rancid introduced some innovations to their songwriting, composing, and arranging, so Honor Is All We Know has many good songs worth repeating. Although it’s not a favorite record among their long-time fans, it still sounds better than Let The Dominoes Fall or Troublemaker. Like their older works, you’ll not skip the A-side at all. These folks sounded more anthemic and feral than before, so that was one of the many reasons this album is at the seventh place.

Highlights: Back Where I Belong, Raise Your Fist, Collision Course, Evil Is My Friend, Honor Is All We Know, A Power Inside, In The Streets, Now We’re Through With You, and Turn In Your Badge.


Considering how good their 2000s self-titled was, I was disappointed with this album when it came out. The band returned to their roots and slowed down, but there are many solid tracks included, so you’ll have a fun time listening to it. Also, Indestructible has a good ratio of catchy, anthemic, feral punk rock bangers, and calm, melodic, ska, reggae, rocksteady songs.

Highlights: Indestructible, Fall Back Down, Red Hot Moon, Out Of Control, Django, Memphis, Spirit Of ’87, Ghost Band, Tropical London, Roadblock, Born Frustrated, Ivory Coast, and Otherside.

Rancid - Indestructible

Rancid - Rancid


This material set the trajectory of the band we all love and respect today. Perhaps some of these songs needed more work before entering the studio, but Matt Freeman’s basslines, Brett Reed’s energetic drumming, and Tim Armstrong’s songwriting abilities are the reason this material sounds so good.

Highlights: No skips here!

04. LET’S GO

Maybe this album isn’t as good as their self-titled debut, but the Rancid sounded way better when Lars Frederiksen joined. He definitely delivered more than necessary guitar melodies and vocal harmonies to the band. Let’s Go has its ups and downs, but it’s another album that deserves your utmost attention.

Highlights: No skips here!

Rancid - Let's Go

Rancid - Life Won't Wait


Many readers will disagree with my decision to put Life Won’t Wait at the third place, but c’mon, you can’t deny it took a lot of bravery to experiment with a sound after the enormously successful …And Out Come The Wolves. Rancid took their love for ska, reggae, dub, and rocksteady to an entirely new level with this one, and there are some rock-solid bangers included from scratch to finish.

Highlights: No skips here!

02. RANCID 2000

Once again, Rancid decided to experiment with their sound, so they unleashed a comprehensive collection of hardcore punk songs that probably pissed many ska-punk fans, but there’s no doubt this album resonates with power and aggression from scratch to finish. As someone who grew up listening to UK82 and hardcore punk music, I can only say this self-titled spent a lot of time in my CD player. Like it or not, Rancid 2000 remains one of their best efforts to this day.

Highlights: No skips here!

Rancid - Rancid 2000

Rancid - ...And Out Come The Wolves


The record that caused a major label bidding war is also one of the best-selling Epitaph Records. At the time, it once again sparked the interest of the mainstream media alongside Dookie by Green Day, Smash by The Offspring, and Stranger Than Fiction by Bad Religion. Some of Rancid’s greatest hits were included on this material, and the impact these folks made on punk rock, ska, and reggae music still lasts today, almost 30 years after the releasing the album.

Highlights: No skips here!





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