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Ink Bomb Released New Video For “Theme Song”

Ink Bomb
Photo by Edwin Willemsen

Dutch punk rock band Ink Bomb releases a new music video: Theme Song. This new single is an ode to making music together and to carrying out plans, being this band together. Theme Song is the second single taken from the new album that will be released later this year.

Ink Bomb is an active band consisting of four very different individuals to whom the band is important. “If you tour a lot together and write and record music together, you spend a long time together. You also experience each other at times when you are not the best version of yourself. Both the pursuit of our band dreams and the creative expression provide mental support when things don’t go well at other aspects of life,” singer Joost says.

“Uptempo songs with a fiery core / Make soothing salves for open sores / Ammo for those darker days / When your hearts been led astray”

“I was working on a melody for a song and since I don’t write lyrics I was just singing the words ink bomb over and over again as a demo for our singer Joost”, Ink Bomb guitar player Quirijn explains. “Joost took this as a cue to write a theme song for the band.”

For the energetic music video, Ink Bomb worked together again with Edwin Willemsen from Ambivalent Aardvark Productions who also shot the recent video for the song Human Remains. The video was shot in a so-called Instagram museum called Akwart Experience in the little town of Elst. Ink Bomb bassist Arina: “One of the rooms is covered in paint splashes, so a literal ink bomb exploded. This was just the perfect place for the video.”

Ink Bomb will be returning to the studio very soon to record more songs for their second album, expected in 2023.

Dutch punkrock band Ink Bomb is busy writing, recording and releasing a new album in 2023. Two singles and accompanying videos for this sophomore album have already been released. The new songs contain the signature Ink Bomb sound: fast, aggressive songs that don’t always follow the standard song structure or punk rock clichës, but do always contain beautiful melodies and a refreshing dose of melancholy.

Ink Bomb loves playing live: from sweaty basements throughout Europe to cool festivals. The band is an active live band at home and is also eager when it comes to foreign tours. Belgium, Germany, Denmark and England have all been exposed to the Bad Religion and No Fun At All inspired Ink Bomb sound. Furthermore the band have played several festivals including the prestigious Valkhof festival in their home town Nijmegen, Jera On Air and Haltpop. They have shared the stage with bands like The Toy Dolls, SNFU, The Last Gang, I Against I, MakeWar and Martha.

Ink Bomb has released new music almost every year in its existence. The lastest release was a split album with No Breakfast Goodbye (2021). In that same year the band also rerecorded their classic song “Invincible Summer.” Earlier releases include debut album Fiction (2016), ep Swim (2017), ep Invincible Summer (2016) and several acoustic covers for charity.





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