Jacob McCurdy

Jacob McCurdy Released New Single “Out On The Run”

Jacob McCurdy
Photo courtesy of an artist.

Rising small-town folk artist Jacob McCurdy is releasing his new sentimentally complex single today, April 14th. The track, Out On The Runwas inspired by falling in love and the uneasy feeling that comes along with it. Co-written with Alex Calabrese, the exploratory aura of Out On The Run has opened up new creative avenues for Jacob as an artist and songwriter. 

The nostalgic single is driven by crisp vocals and acoustic guitar, which are later accompanied by a riveting trumpet solo. The track is glued together by harmonizing vocals, creating a warm undercurrent that carries listeners through the love story being told. Jacob traverses new stylistic terrain with this release, urging listeners to believe in their journey and find joy along the way. Jacob says that his father loves to tell people that,

Mustachioed Mainer, Jacob McCurdy, blends Folk, Rock, and Roots into his very own brand of Indie-Americana. Love, heartbreak, joy, and the perfect moment all pitched against the lush backdrop of honest harmony. McCurdy wears his heart on his sleeve, sharing past traumas with the hope that they and anyone else experiencing them can begin to heal. 





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