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Les Lullies Announce New LP On Slovenly Recordings; Watch The Video For “Zero Ambitions”

Les Lullies
Photo by Angie Couple

Montpellier, France is the spot, and LES LULLIES – chief local importers / exporters of the crazy rock beat – ready their 2nd LP with a slew of sweaty live shows around town, the rest of the country, and several other swingin’ European locales in an exhausting tour schedule that has the freaks in heat. We caught up with bassist T. Boy for some thoughts on this latest saucer, why they decided to start singing in French, and their new musical direction. He had this to say:

“One’s gotta admit that the way we’re fed success and ambition sucks big time. We’re against it with this biography of a punk song.” 

This is in regards to “Zéro Ambition” –  the first smoldering single from the LP. “Mauvaise Foi,” or “Bad Faith,” a resolutely French title for this latest album – reflects the band’s decision to sing in their native language. The band collectively describes it as “no-frills, fast-paced punk rock with a few power-pop jabs every here and there.” But there’s also the class cover of “When You Walk In the Room” – a 1964 Jackie DeShannon deep cut that barely cracked the Billboard top 100 in the USA, exemplifying the depth and overall character of this thoughtful group of rock’n’roll devotees. Recording at the famed Château Vergogne by Maxime Smadja (RIXE, Condor, BOSS, Digital Octopus) was a deliberate choice for capturing the essence of their renowned and ferocious on-stage heat.

More personal, fleshed out, and dabbling in influences from Normandy’s Fixed Up, Dogs and Sub Kids, from the USA’s the Real Kids to Phil Spector, and referencing more neglected secrets of the underground than we should be legally allowed to be touched by, LES LULLIES have concocted a frolicking statement and reminder of cooler times for a generation in despair. 


30/04 Action Weekend Fest Cantabria (Spain)

01/05 Coruna (Spain)

02/05 Vigo (Spain)

03/05 Galicia TBA (Spain)

04/05 Ourense (Spain)

05/05 Porto (Portugal)

06/05 Alcobaça (Portugal)

07/05 Braga (Portugal)

09/10 Portugal TBA

10/05 Bragança (Portugal)

11/05 Coimbra (Portugal)

12/05 Lisboa (Portugal)

13/05 Barreiro (Portugal)

14/05 Corroios (Portugal)

18/05 Marseille (France)

20/05 Nîmes (France)

22/05 to 28/05 Italy

31/05 Bordeaux w/Civic (France)

01/06 Nevers (France)

02/06 Valence (France)

03/06 Genève (Switzerland)

07/06 Paris (France) w/ Beaten Brats and Alvilda

08/06 Brussels (Belgium) w/Beaten Brats

10/06 Saint Gilles la Croix de Vie (France) w/ Beaten Brats

08 and 09/07: Sjock Festival (Belgium)

03/08 Bordeaux (France) w/ The Briefs

23/09 Nantes (France)

24/09 Rouen (France)





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