Angry Youth Elite

Angry Youth Elite Drop New Single & Video “Cold Outside”

Angry Youth Elite

Ruhrpott/Germany-based hardcore and skate punk band Angry Youth Elite is back with their new single “Cold Outside”. The track precedes the new album “All Riot”, which will be released by Bakraufarfita Records in June.

“The song is about a real incident. After a show in cold November, a drunk homeless man ran in front of my car and fell on the ground. I helped him up and offered to help. He didn’t want to be helped, pushed me away and went his way. Since it was so extremely cold, I called the police so they could check on the man. They replied that you don’t come out for every drunk homeless person. An ambulance can also only be sent if he is injured. I then decided to take action myself and drove around the place all night looking for him in case he needed help. Except for a few broken beer bottles, all I found were empty streets,” said Charlie, lead singer of Angry Youth Elite.





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