Maggot House

Maggot House Released New Single “Slobs Rule”

Maggot House

Born of a whisky-fueled love for The Misfits & The Spits, a decade of 80s Horror movies & the best Halloweens imaginable – Maggot House are a synth punk band from Brooklyn, NY. The group released Slobs Rule on March 3rd. and we are stoked to share this song with you. 

The band said: “We’re stoked to share news about our upcoming (& self-titled) single “Maggot House”, from the forthcoming EP Greetings From Budget Beach. 
This song is dedicated to all the Maggots & Creeps we’ve ran into over the years. The band was looking to create an anthem, and we have it on good authority (this one dude we know) that this song has a Summer, Ramonescore “Rock-A-Way Beach” vibe … and well, who could ask for a better review?”





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